The ART of Sacred Bliss

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Tantric Massage 2 day work/loveshops

for Individual Couples -

dates flexible, and arranged to be mutually agreeable

For expanding through Joy, expressing through Joy

with Tantrica Shirley-Ann 

 Designed with the intention of purity and openness. We will be weaving a web of delight over the weekend, to enhance, and for you to take forward into your life the gifts of:

Learning easy (and some juicy!) massage techniques through giving and receiving with guided practice

To help improve your over all health and well being

Enhance your life’s joys – having fun!

Help relieve tension and old patterns of conditioning

Assist with direction, purpose and creativity

Enrich your love life! Yummy!

A special quality healing time to look after our selves and each other

Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate

We hold within us the blueprint of our perfect selves, I call it the ‘diamond self’, and I work as a guide to help shine a light on this with you, to empower, to remember, and to help find your way forward. We all have the natural ability to heal ourselves, body, mind and soul, for good health, vitality and abundance. I believe that our INNER FEELINGS, not just our words or thoughts, manifest our dreams. My journey continues; I now hope to assist you on yours… by sharing my understanding, with wisdom, honesty, integrity and an open divine grace and beauty


Massage/Sacred Touch will be the focus of this workshop. Through guided practice you will learn how to exchange nurturing touch, to release the endorphins in your body (endorphins are your bodies “natural high” hormones) In a safe and honourable way. Over lighting my work are the Elements, which we will weave in with the following intentions:

Air: The Breath of life:  awakening the senses of smell and hearing to enhance clarity, our intended desires, stillness and a connection to our ancient wisdom Fire the Spirit of life: through the power of the living flame to awaken the senses of sight and feeling, to enhance feelings and passions of our inner spark and joy  Water: the Blood of life:  to awaken the senses of taste and feelings for creative flow and visions Earth: the manifest physical of life: through sacred touch, to awaken the sense of feeling sensations To ground our healing /dreams/visions  Ether: the alchemy of life: through intention ritual for transformation and new potential

An opportunity to touch your core divinity of bliss and connectedness, In a fun, safe, sacred and supported environment, to touch our essence of “being - ness” Powerful Medicine!

 “Liberation of our Divine spirit”

"Breaking through the fear into trust and joy"

No experience necessary. 

Acceptance onto workshops at discretion of facilitator

See Calender further info and abundance exchange

 What is Atlantis Reborn Tantra ?

(For those of you wanting a more in depth explanation!)

(Tantra is Sanskrit: meaning "stretch, extend", and "liberation")

Quote: Robert Brown “ Rather than a single coherent system, Tantra is an accumulation of practices and ideas which is characterized by the use of ritual, by the use of the mundane to access the supra-mundane, and by the identification of the microcosm with the macrocosm. The Tantric practitioner seeks to use the prana (divine power) that flows through the universe (including one's own body) to attain purposeful goals. These goals may be spiritual, material or both . Most practitioners of tantra consider mystical experience imperative”. End quote.

Atlantis Reborn Tantra, (ART)  is  about guidance and exploration, release and nurturing, Working with the Angelic Spiritual Realm,Goddess archetypes, the Elementals, the Divic Kingdom and healing modalities known since the Golden times of Atlantis, plus incorporating the New Energy of the Divine which is illuminating the earth now.  Experiencing our connection between “Sacred Sexuality” (Red tantra) and “Sacred Spirituality” (White tantra) then expressing this through our “Sacred Heart” (Pink tantra, multidimensional portal)  to activate our innate joy, creativity and fun with Grace and beauty, to improve your over all sense of good health and well being . An opportunity for “Re-membering” Or “Re-birth”

Offering a unique process to help shift energy patterns from past  conditioning and/or trauma. To assist you to embrace your empowerment, potential and pleasure in life. I work in an organic way, as a guide and facilitator for the group energy, in divine grace and beauty.

Sacred Union of Bliss, weaving our web of delight and nurishment !

Please email /text or phone me,  for more details

  Venue:  Glastonbury based

Why not stay on to integrate the workshop?

Chalice Well spring head at the time of Lammas - abundance and harvest

Visit the famous Sacred Glastonbury Tor, or the Chalice Well Peace Gardens, with its ancient healing waters.
Also an ideal place for touring the West Country, Devon and Cornwall.

 For registrations & enquiries:

Contact Shirley-Ann on Mob 07931 706 239