The ART of Sacred Bliss
   Handfastings and  rites of passage

with Shirley-Ann 

      Offering beautiful and delightful Handfastings/Wedding Blessings/Renewal of vows  (sacred love marriage, without the legally binding contract of marriage)

Lucille and Carl  - Ceremony took place in the Glastonbury Goddess temple

Air blessing - Smudging for cleansing the past and bringing in a fresh start

Water blessing  - of the red and white Chalice well spring waters - for clear communication and flow of emotions

Wedding Blessing testimonial

"Shirleyann did a fantastic job of making our Wedding Blessing feel relaxed, fun as well as professional. All the guests enjoyed the ceremony and spoke highly of it afterwards. Many people said it was refreshing and different from a more sober and churchy affair. We would thoroughly recommend her!"
Bride and Groom (Lucille and Carl)

"I though the Blessing was more sincere than a conventional ceremony. It was very meaningful, and I felt very moved"
Mother of the Bride

 I offer Wedding/partnership blessings, vow renewal for people already together, for a few or many years (either legally married or living together)  Together we can create a unique bespoke ceremony for your Special Day.

    Flowers around Chalice Well Head  Glastonbury- a favoured site for Handfastings       

Picture of the symbolic 'Hoop and Wand' joined with ribbons (representing the female and the male joining together) - the actual 'Handfasting, tying the knot part  (All tied together, then we let them slip their hands out, keeping the hoop and wand tied together)

A Handfasting is a very old traditional pagon way of Sacred Marriage. It's where "tying the knot" came from! Created by the farmers and country folk, for a couple to declare their love for each other with their family and friends, generally in an out door setting, to connect with nature, (Goddess) as she gave them all their needs (as of course she still does!).

 Now days of course it is not a legal binding contract in the eyes of the law, but is a sacred self contract between the two of you, which can be for just a year and a day or for as ever long you wish! It can be a very simple ceremony, or as elaborate as you want. To me it represents the sacred side to a marriage, a chance to share/declare your love in your own way. I work with the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and the Senses to create something unique and special just for you. The actual handfasting is done with 2 long ribbons or cord around both your hands, the hoop and wand,(optional) towards the end of the ceremony, don't worry, you can easily slip your hands out at the end! (this can be varied to suit)

 I bring together a unique heart centred approach, and my own sense of calm and down to earth abilities. What ever approach your special day takes, my aim is for you to feel nurtured and cared for, to have the best time possible as you embark/continue on your journey together.

        Abundance Exchange

 Handfastings/wedding blessings from  £290 (plus any venue/travel costs)

Other Blessings/Rituals- abundance on application depending on depth and involvement

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           Sacred ceremonies and rights of passage rituals

Collecting Sacred Chalice Well Water

for Embracing Freedom Ceremony carried out on the Tor, and at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury - with photos and reflection in the Chalice Well Peace Gardens. 

From weddings to baby naming, each ceremony has its framework, which can be adapted to include any special readings, poetry, songs or music required.

Examples of ceremonies:

Naming of baby or young children
Young adulthood                         
Birthday celebrations

House blessing/clearing

Wedding – preparing for
Hand fasting (Sacred marriage)

Blessing of legal marriage

Renewal of vows
Becoming a mother/father

Divorce (Embracing freedom)

Becoming a Wise Woman (post menopausal)

Remembrance (Celebration of a loved ones life)
Interment of ashes ceremony