The ART of Sacred Bliss

 Welcome to Atlantis Reborn Tantra  (ART)

 my name is Shirley-Ann , and I am based in Glastonbury Somerset

you can contact me on   07931 706 239

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 It is my privilege to facilitate Tantric massage work/loveshops

and conduct sacred ceremonies, like Handfastings etc (see Handfasting page for more details)

Tantric Massage 2 day work/loveshops!

For individual couples - dates flexible, and arranged to be mutually agreeable.

I also offer private one to one or couples consultations. 

"Helping to transform sexuality into a sacred and spiritual experience".

               why not come along to one of my tantric work/love shops - see tantra page for details, or come along for a private session - see consultation page for details - for support and assistance at these amazing times.

Tantric Massage 2 day work/love shops

 Designed with the intention of purity and openness, weaving a web of delight, in an atmosphere of caring, safety, and yumminess!

- more info on tantra page

I see 2017 as a time of great rejoicing and harvesting our innate abilities to manifest and an opportunity to let go of outdated bits of ourselves
My understanding is of great light energy beaming down to earth at this time of adjustment, to activate the crystalline source of great power with in the earth mothers body for all to sense and feel if we so wish, to help us dream the dream into being, a time of infinite potential
All very exciting, if also scary at times!! Have courage and take heart. 
I see ART as a bridge to the Tantric world, (of expansion and liberation) with a non threatening and heart centered approach. Offering a unique, dynamic and profound process to help shift energy patterns from past /social conditioning and/or trauma. To assist you to embrace your empowerment, potential and pleasure in life. To assist with freedom to express your desires with confidence, without judgement or ridicule.

A bridge to re-birth!  

"Atlantis Reborn Tantra." (The A.R.T. of Sacred Bliss)

Working with Tantric Senses/practices and the Elementals. Incorporating Sacred touch/massage  to bring sexuality into the sacred

 How I may help you.....

To assist you with your own innate healing abilities to help relax renew rejuvenate heighten awareness and to drop into sacred bliss

If we listen to our bodies we can receive the important messages it is telling us. If we feel resistance, where is this in our bodies, how is this stopping us from being who we want to be? How does this manifest in our lives? If we can have a raised awareness of this, we can make a conscious decision to change if we so want to. Without this awareness, our un conscious is driving our vehicle/ our bodies/ our life choices. Once we wake up the bit of energy ready to "speak to us" we can give it space to express, to release/integrate, and then allow it to settle into a new way of sitting in our bodies. This type of exercise is designed to get into our "feeling body" bringing up sometimes uncomfortable old memories, old patterns, social conditioning, trauma maybe, or even unexpressed joy. I believe these feelings only arise when we are ready to deal with them, know on some level we are ready and able to do so. To more fully embrace our inner power, our inner creativity to express in the world. Working with pure intentions, it’s not about control of others, but a freeing up of our Divine Will of creativity. To help integrate and deal with what had arisen –we will work with bringing in and embracing the light of Purity/Divinity.…..I like working in an organic and experiential way. Working with the group/individual energy, going with the flow so to speak!


Blessings and Namaste  -  Shirley-Ann

Tantric Massage weekends -

more info on tantra page

Contact me for more details on 07931 706239