The ART of Sacred Bliss


Shirley-Ann 07931 706 239

Personal Consultations- Glastonbury

One to One or Couples tantric massage sessions

Working with a heart centred approach in Holistic Medicine, on many levels to gain insight into what your Divine body and soul is guiding you too.

To bring awareness to a "Whole Body Unity Consciousness"

Gifts of a session

Relax Renew, whilst having a Juicy time!

Help relieve tension and old patterns of conditioning/trauma

Improve your over all health and well being

 ♥ A special quality time to nourish and nurture

Assist with direction, purpose and creativity


Weaving together a combination of healing modalities, for unique individual or couple sessions. I work organically and intuitively to create a space for "expanding in joy" to "manifesting in joy"

♥ Holistic massage   (Gentle body massage with awareness of the connection between body mind spirit and emotions)

♥ Angelic Reiki   (Reiki energy with the connection to the Angelic kingdom of Atlantis working with Soul energy on a Divine Connection. Multidimensional healing, working with letting go of physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances.To align to our innate pristine wholeness, our "inner Diamond" self . A simple but profound healing modality)

♥Sound Esoterics (Using shamanic drums and rattles, Tibetan bowl/symbols and voice to help release/raise awareness of old held patterns/conditioning to integrate new life energy )

♥ Colour Light Therapy (Colourpuncture)  using light and colour to work on the meridians and accupressure points of the body, a multidimential healing modality to stimulate the flow of energy to assist you to live in the fullness of your highest potential. Sessions can be just the 1 session, or a series focusing on such issues as pre natal, (time in the womb), working on Male/Female balance or the functions of the body systems. Quiet often sessions relate to past lives or family traumas or sexual issues. Also very good system for hormonial balance and detox.

♥ Tachyon life Crystals Crystals charged with Zero balance Tachyon energy for assisting through pain management and stress reduction and harmonising of the body/mind

♥ Reflexarge Relaxing Foot massage - from Reflexology

♥ Elemental Blessings Receive the love and compassion of the energies of Air, Fire, Water, earth and Great Spirit for release, integration and joy

working on the emotional and spiritual as well as physical body and mind level, guiding you through the session, to gain a new perspective. Whatever course your session takes, leave feeling cared for and nurtured

 We each hold with in our selves the perfect blueprint of our own diamond self, I work as a guide to help shine a light on this with you, to empower and find your own way forward Working with sacred space to create a supportive and peaceful haven for you to gain insight and relax, to allow your own innate healing abilities to shine through to be heard, felt and embraced for full body unity consciousness.

 Contact me, Shirley-Ann for Appointments in Glastonbury

on Mob 07931 706 239 

Abundance exchange

2 hour session £180 for 1 to 1

(abundance exchange for couples on application)

Namaste and Blessed Be